Kripto Marka or KMCoin

is a cryptocurrency based on cryptonote algorithm, which is mainly used for, and gives advantage to CPU mining.
Mark (DM) was largely used and was the most stable currency in Eastern Europe countries like: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and several others. Out of all these countries only Bosnia accepted Mark (Convertible Mark) as its national currency which goes by the exchange rate of 1.95 per EURO. This means that the Mark is constantly exhanged in this ratio, 1.95 KM for 1 EURO.Our main goal is to offer a way in to cryptocurrency world as alternitive to many different currencies which are being used in the region of Eastern Europe and mentioned coutries which share same languages. Our vision is to provide a common decentralised currency to the countries of Eastern Europe.As it was stated, we settled on the cryptonote algorith which provides an equal ground for mining to everyone; without the need of large investments and previous knowledge of hardware systems, induviduals can start mining right away with their Personal Computers. We decided on fairly slow emision which gives another level of equality.
Unlike other currencies where 40-50% is mined in the beginning, or in the first months, we settled on reasonably low speed factor (21), which insures that no one will be able to create monopoly over the currency or own majority of it.

KMC – Specifications

Ticker: KMC
0% Pre-mine
Mining algorithm: POW, CryptoNight
Coin supply: 52 million KMC
Tail reward: 1 KMC
Block reward: initial reward of ~25 KMC
Reward decrease every block

Master Nodes will be implemented!

Difficulty: Retargets at every block
Block target time: 90 second
Emmision Speed Factor 21
Decimal Points: 8
Transaction fee: 0.01 KMC
P2P Port: 15505
Rpc Port: 16606

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